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Louisville & Lexington Sections Joint Holiday Party – Dec. 7th, 2021

Drinks and dinner followed by a presentation on the electric distribution system is in a time of significant change.  LG&E and KU are in the process of implementing modern centralized monitoring and controls across the electric distribution system to better manage the service reliability, power quality, efficiency, and safety of energy delivered to customers.

Batteries: How they are changing our world! – Apr. 21, 2021

very day.  They are no longer just a part of simple portable devices and toys.  They are something bigger. The Crane Battery Innovation Center is exploring applications for batteries that are non-traditional and breakthrough technology evolutions.

Advanced Control Systems for Grid Connected Inverters – Feb. 24th, 2021

Power Electronics are an enabling technology for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Grid connected inverters are a central component of renewable energy sources (Photovoltaic Solar (PV-solar), wind), battery storage systems, as well as micro-grids. To optimally integrate these renewable resources, it is necessary to rethink the electric power grid itself by adjusting the centralized generation model and progressively transitioning to a distributed generation (DG) based power grid architecture through power electronic inverters and their control.