Welcome to IEEE Louisville

We are the Louisville Section of the IEEE. The nucleus of the Louisville Section’s membership is the University of Louisville, but it is also an umbrella organization for all local IEEE groups in 29 counties in Central Kentucky and 8 counties in Southern Indiana. The Louisville Section is part of IEEE’s Region Three, encompassing the Southeast of the United States (https://r3.ieee.org).

Currently, we have 6-9 events a year, of which about 2/3 are technically oriented, usually in a lunch/lecture/questions format, and the others are social gatherings. We also attend IEEE SoutheastCon and sponsor student groups to attend SoutheastCon, Hack-a-thons, and other activities.

The global IEEE organization has a wide array of activities, publications, and benefits, ranging from the IEEE Xplore Digital Library to professional networking, insurance plans, and product discounts. There are also 1,014 conferences and symposia scheduled in 2022, of which 174 are based in the United States and 628 are in-person, 203 are virtual, and 183 are hybrid (in-person + virtual).

What does IEEE Mean?

IEEE, pronounced “Eye-triple-E,” stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers which is still its full legal name under it’s charter. However, it has grown into the world’s largest technical professional society including many allied professions and non-electrical engineers, so it now goes by the common name of IEEE, without denoting any expansion of its letters.