[ April 21, 2018 ]

GDPR (https://www.ieee.org/gdpr.html) is an EU regulation that will have a world wide impact. It comes into effect May 25th, 2018 and changes the way organizations handle personal data. The section will likely have to switch to another new mailing list. We apologize, for the constant changes, but this is for your data privacy as well as to protect the IEEE. We will keep you updated on the old mailing lists and the website, as well as on social media. Please send us an email if you stop getting notifications, we only send email once to twice a month.

Also, due to this change, we will be using vTools Events instead of ticketleap in the future. [ 2022 Update: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/events/search?_sub=true&d=All&ou=R30031+-+Louisville+Section ]

Why do we care at the section level about an EU regulation? The regulation applies to data belonging to any EU citizen. Meaning if someone is temporarily living in our section, has moved here but retains EU citizenship or dual citizenship, or is here as a University student, their data falls under that regulation and that applies to several people in the Louisville Section. So this EU regulation does DIRECTLY apply to us. The IEEE has offices in European countries and is a corporate entity in the EU so we must comply.