Abstract: Join U of L Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering Adrian Lauf in a discussion of robotics and automation, complete with a tour of the Louisville Automation and Robotics Research Institute (LARRI). Learn about cutting-edge efforts in robotic medical assistants, surgery in space, unmanned aerial systems, and more! During the facility tour, demonstrations will be given where possible. Come experience the wonders of robotics research!

Date:              Wednesday, March 13, 2024               
Time:              6:00 pm  – Sign-in, Pay and Socialize
                        6:30 pm  – Buffet Dinner
                        7:00 pm  – Presentation
Location:        University Club – Univ. of Louisville Campus
Website:         https://www.uclublouisville.com/  
Price:              $20 members and guests
$10 life members and students
RSVP:              Andy Dozier, Treasurer, Louisville Section
Please RSVP via email to adozier@awdozier.com  no later than March 6th

                        Please note that we must pay for all meals that we reserve.

Speaker:     Dr. Adrian Lauf, Associate Professor, CSE

Dr. Lauf is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science & Engineering  (CSE) department at the University of Louisville’s J. B. Speed School of Engineering. He is a core faculty member at the Louisville Automation and Robotics Research Institute (LARRI) as a part of the Autonomous Intelligent Mobile Systems (AIMS) lab.

Dr. Lauf’s research expertise is the area of cooperative autonomous aerial robotics, which has the goal of enabling swarms of autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to accomplish objectives in a cooperative and collaborative manner. These robot swarms use multi-domain mesh networking, decentralized decision-making, and node clustering to improve communication efficiency. Dr. Lauf also has research interests in the areas of cyber and network security, with research efforts in the areas of embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) security, as well as several projects in cybersecurity workforce development.

Dr. Lauf is also the director of the cybersecurity education cluster (CyberEDU), which provides experiential learning for students by simulating real networking environments and security tools to train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals and researchers. Dr. Lauf is the point of contact for the University of Louisville’s National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (NCAE-CD). He is also a member of the HIVE AI Innovation studio, and an affiliate member of the Logistics and Distribution Institute at the University of Louisville.

This Event is Co-sponsored by:

The Louisville Section of the IEEE
The Life Member Affinity Group of the Louisville Section
Computer Society Chapter (CS) of the Louisville Section