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Transmission Relaying and Communications – Apr. 26th, 2022

Electric Utilities have devised many different means to provide fast and reliable fault isolation on transmission lines over the last several decades.  End-to-end communications have played an important role in this pursuit.  With communications-assisted relaying schemes, line faults can be isolated much quicker, reducing risks to grid stability as well as damage caused by the fault.

Combatting the Spread of Online Misinformation – Feb. 22nd , 2022

Dr. Thomas will discuss several different methods used to understand and describe human behavior on the Internet, and the effect of offline events on online communities. The central focus of this work is a broad investigation into how groups of people behave online. Dr. Thomas will present research into better understanding the effects of policies enacted by governments and social media companies on online behavior.

Louisville Section Social Event – Hive and Barrel Meadery – Sep. 10th, 2021

Join us in the beer garden at 3rd Turn Oldham Gardens, for a Louisville Section social meeting.  The section will host heavy hors d’ oeuvres from the Backside Grill at Oldham Gardens, and provide a taste of several meads from the Hive and Barrel Meadery. Joel Halbleib, the Hive and Barrel Mead Maker, will discuss how Hive and Barrel produces their products.

Batteries: How they are changing our world! – Apr. 21, 2021

very day.  They are no longer just a part of simple portable devices and toys.  They are something bigger. The Crane Battery Innovation Center is exploring applications for batteries that are non-traditional and breakthrough technology evolutions.

Real-World Cybersecurity – Mar. 26th, 2021

ecurity Engineer Specialist for Waystar Inc.  He specializes in Incident Response, Log Review, Malware Research, and remediation. He has a Bachelors of Science in Business Informatics. He is a IUS Computer Security Group Co-Founder, and four-time Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition competitor as well as four-time CCDC Room Judge.

Advanced Control Systems for Grid Connected Inverters – Feb. 24th, 2021

Power Electronics are an enabling technology for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Grid connected inverters are a central component of renewable energy sources (Photovoltaic Solar (PV-solar), wind), battery storage systems, as well as micro-grids. To optimally integrate these renewable resources, it is necessary to rethink the electric power grid itself by adjusting the centralized generation model and progressively transitioning to a distributed generation (DG) based power grid architecture through power electronic inverters and their control.